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Sermons for Today


Hello Paul Godoy,

My name is Tim McHenry. I am an instructor at Tennessee Bible College. My spanish is bad, but I will help you register. If you have any questions, please send to my email:

The class with the Title "Jesus, the son of God" is free and will give you college credit. The class begins this week.

To register, follw these steps:

1. Go to the website

2. Click on "enroll here" or on the picture of the free course. A new web page will open.

3. Enter your name and all other information on this web page and then click on "submit"

4. The web page will say your submission has been saved.

5. The school will send you a password for "Online Login". The Online Login link is on the top and right of the TBC webpage.

Please tell me if I can help you more.

Hello brother,

It is great that you are very active in the study of the word of God! I am sorry that the "Submit"button dissapeared. I have told the Bible College of this problem. When you enter the data for the course, if not all blanks are entered then the incorrect data turns red and the "Submit"button dissapears. In order to get the "Submit"button to return click on the back arrow in your internet browser. The submit button will then reappear. The course is for 10 weeks. Keep trying!