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March 15 2018

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Ladies Day
March 24th 2018

Schedule: Brunch provided by Mt. Gilead from 9:00am to 10:00am with two 45min sessions to follow.
Location: Mt. Gilead church of Christ, 1189 Mt.Gilead Rd., Tompkinsville, KY
Services will be conducted by Christian ladies with keynote speaker:

LeAnn Duke

LeAnn was baptized when she was twelve and began teaching the Bible when she was twenty. Her experiences in teaching include children’s classes, ladies’ Bible classes, ladies’ days in numerous states and campaigns in Russia and Taiwan.
In 2015 LeAnn was diagnosed with a blood cancer and in 2017 she received a stem cell transplant from her younger brother.
The West End church of Christ in Livingston, Tennessee where her husband Kerry preaches has been their church family for the past twenty years. They have four children and seven grandchildren.
LeAnn enjoys crafting, crocheting, reading murder mysteries, and traveling in her spare time.

Regardless of your religious background or age, join us for this unique experience of worshipping God with other devout women!
Theme: How We Triumph In Christ

1st Session: Various speakers

2nd Session: LeAnn Duke



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