State Line Christian Camp
We need donations people! Wish list for Camp:
a ? by the name means we hope to get it from them, a ! by the name means we got it

two big rolls of thick black plastic (Hagan and Stone)
perforated hose for slip-in-slide
megaphone - new or used to borrow or have to keep
canteen items:
    small disposable cone cups
    water coolers with spigots to borrow or to keep
    hard candy
sports equipment:
    basketballs (Gamaliel?)
    volleyballs (Beach Bethany?)
    badminton set (Gamaliel?)
    ping-pong table (T-ville!)
    Dodgeballs (T-ville?)
    corn hole board (Stoops!)
    orange vests for team sports
Extra Cots (Bobby Geralds!)
Food Items:
    canned fruit (Mt. Gilead!)
    cereal (Beech Bethany and Butler's Landing!)
    PB&J (Gamaliel?)
    disposable trays and paper products (Flippin?)
tool box for medicines
This year IT'S ON:
2015 Staff Application in fillable form (this is the preferred way, just fill out by clicking on the first field, then tab your way through and fill out each answer, print and notarize and your done!): get it HERE

2015 Staff Application for those who can write good and want to use an ink pen: get it HERE

2015 Camper application, printer ready. Just print, fill in with an ink pen, get it notarized, and then your done! Get it HERE

Camp rules can be found HERE
"What To Bring" list can be found HERE

Camp Lessons:

Basics of Morality in .pdf

Basics of Morality Junior Lesson

Basics of Love

Basics of Love Junior Lesson

Basics of Creation

Basics of Creation Junior Lesson

Basics of Worship

Basics of Worship Junior Lesson

Basics of Theology

Basics of Theology Junior Lesson

IMG_20150521_112947373.jpg IMG_20150521_113004479_HDR.jpg IMG_20150521_113057624.jpg IMG_20150521_113143777_HDR.jpg IMG_20150521_113449958_HDR.jpg IMG_20150521_114112240.jpg IMG_20150521_114659412.jpg IMG_20150521_115040824.jpg IMG_20150521_115220568.jpg IMG_20150521_115505248.jpg

Ignore all this stuff from here below until I update it for 2015!
Application for State Line Christian Camp is HERE. This is a .docx file (Word file).
Recommended: type your answers in this fillable form (.docx) file. Just type, print, and notarize THIS!
For those who can't handle Word files the application in .pdf format is HERE
For those who can't handle Word files, staff can use THIS .pdf

This website will be updated almost daily until we have a full format for making donations, obtaining ALL information, sending inquiries, etc. In the meantime, just use the contact page for Mt. Gilead church and we will answer any questions.
Let's have a great week of camp!